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Coping with life's twists & turns

Stress is an inevitable part of life, each of us will at some point feel financial, work, relationship or family stress. While we can’t help take away what’s stressing you, be that at work or at home, we can give them the tools to better cope with it. It’s important to look after your mental health, even if you’re feeling good, to build your resilience for whatever life throws at you. Copingwell is delivered in a series of short videos and blogs that you can fit in around your day and longer webinars for when you have a little more time.

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Meet the experts behind Copingwell

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Grace McMahon

Chief Life coach

Grace is a certified and accredited Life Coach , aka. My Honest Coach, with a background in education, psychology, and counseling. She is now devoted to supporting others to understand their mental health and wellbeing and to support these individuals in applying the tools and techniques available to themselves.

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Dr. Jo Yarker


Jo is passionate about understanding what we can do to foster fulfilling, healthy and productive work, particularly under times of challenge. She is an award-winning Occupational Psychologist, Director of Affinity Health at Work, and leads the Professional Doctorate in Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. 


Supporting more than just you

We know that coping well is easier to achieve when we’re supported by those around us. That’s why all of our Beingwell members can share their Beingwell membership with friends and family.

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More about Beingwell

Learn more about the many ways we can help your organisations wellbeing

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Bring your people together and boost mood through 26 minutes of movement everyone can do.

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Poor sleep means lost revenue. We help your workforce to get a better night’s sleep.

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Building stronger resilience, to help your employees manage stress and perform better.

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Food does more than just fuel us, it can also affect our mood and ability to think clearly.

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