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We've collected a range of expert tools to help you take care of yourself

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We started Beingwell as we believe effective and scientifically proven wellbeing should be available for everyone. We've designed Beingwell using leading expertise to ensure we help you live a little bit better every day. You can find out more about us by watching this quick video introduction:

Bernard McMahon, Chairman Beingwell Group


Our mission to support millions of people to live a little better every day

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In partnership with 

  • Take charge of your own wellbeing

  • NHS mental health tools and expert sleep app

  • Track your progress with inbuilt Wellometer

9/10 Members
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Free access for friends and family x 4

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Our tools


NHS approved mental health tools

MyCognition & Aquasnap


Track and develop your progress with our lifestyle questionnaire and wellometer


Explore Tasty recipes, cook-alongs, blogs and webinars.


Get moving with friends, colleagues or new pals in a range of activities

“Great way to start the day! Love this app, the challenges are great and I’ve gained so much knowledge about my own brain in such a short amount of time - give it a go for yourself” MyCognition user


“Really excellent. Very knowledgeable, entertaining speaker: I took home so many useful tips” Kip Advisor Webinar user.  

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