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Are any of us changing our bed sheets enough?

How often do you wash your bedding? Hm, don’t answer that. It’s that question that absolutely no one wants to be asked. Maybe a bit of a controversial subject, or just one that none of us like to comment on. However, it’s also a topic that many of us probably wish we knew the answer to, but are too scared (or embarrassed) to ask! Usually that’s when a quick Google search comes in handy - hold your horses though! Well our sleep tool Kip Advisor spills the beans, so you don’t have to do any unusual Google searches…

Ok, let’s be honest: many of us probably wouldn’t want to admit how often we change our bed sheets. It is a bit of a chore after all. Stripping the bed, putting it through the wash, waiting 3-5 working days for it to dry before trying to attempt to put it back on the bed and definitely getting pinged in the face by the elasticated bottom sheet. Ugh, even typing that out made me stressed!

So, if you’re sitting there feeling a bit sheepish because you’re not an avid sheet-washer, we can’t really blame you for putting it off a bit longer than you should. It is however, something we should do more than we currently are!

Not washing our bedding on a regular basis can be, well - simply gross. We won’t go into detail of the bacteria and stains that none of us want to see, let alone sleep in… you get the idea.

Ok, can someone just let us know how often we should be doing it?!

We would recommend washing your bedding once every two weeks. And if it’s possible and you’re up for the task, once a week. Clean bedding is a wonderful thing, isn't it?! It makes us feel snuggly and safe and adds to a sense of emotional and physical security. We often suggest new bedding as a physical accompaniment to changes we are trying to make to a poor sleeper’s thoughts and feelings around sleep.

Changing our bedding emphasises a change in our relationship with sleep. It subconsciously shows us that we value our sleep, and consciously we’re valuing our sleep environment - all important elements of improving our sleep!

Final thoughts: Changing our bedding and chucking our sheets through the wash, is something that will improve our sleep, but also our sense of wellness. It’s cleaner, healthier, and who doesn’t love getting into bed with great-smelling, freshly-washed bed sheets? Aim for once every two weeks to keep things from getting gross!




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