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Beingwell Family's Movingwell Challenge Review

It’s the end of August, and that means one thing. Well actually, it means lots of things - but here at the Beingwell Towers, it means that we’ve reached the end of the first ever Movingwell challenge (cue the applause). It was a great first trial of our new feature on the platform, but how did it really go? If you’re interested in participating in a challenge but you’re not too sure what to expect, then you might want to read on for our honest feedback on the Movingwell challenge.

What challenge did we complete?

The first ever Movingwell challenge we took part in was to walk, run or jog for one mile every day for thirty days. Seems doable, right? Well we had to make the first challenge one we knew everyone could do! There were some ups, some downs, lefts and rights but overall, the feedback was positive - woohoo!

What’s the idea behind the Movingwell challenges?

The idea of the Movingwell challenges is to create a bit of friendly competition with our peers, relatives, colleagues, neighbours and whoever else wants to get involved, to encourage us to get moving regularly. Many of us find exercise a challenge in itself, but keeping up with it on a daily basis or just being consistent is a whole new level of difficulty. So, the challenges aim to make exercise accessible, fun, and easy to do, so everyone can take part and feel the benefits.

Over to the Beingwell Family…

After collecting a bit of feedback from the Beingwell Family, the results are in. I asked the team a few questions about the challenge so we could share with our members how the Movingwell challenges will help them, and how to get the most out of it.

How satisfied were you with the challenge?

We’ll start on a high - 80% of the team said they were very satisfied with the challenge. Hopefully, that means there was a lot to gain from taking part and that it was a fairly smooth process!

What was the highlight of the challenge for you?

A mixed bag for this one. Some family members claimed it was a great method to remind them to get outside and exercise on a daily basis. Others mentioned that it was nice to feel like they were part of something, and it encouraged a sense of community whilst exercising.

Other bits of feedback said that a highlight was to get to move at least a little bit everyday - which is fantastic because here at Beingwell, everything we do is little and often. When we want to hit our goals, whether that’s in exercise or not, it’s much more manageable and achievable when we do little bits each day, rather than trying to do everything all in one go!

What did you dislike about the challenge?

Aside from the odd technical issue which we’ll be sure to get the Beingwell tech team onto ASAP, some reported that they still struggled to find the motivation to complete the challenge. But hey, that’s normal! And whilst this challenge aims to help everyone move a bit more each day, it’s far from a magic fix to all our fitness issues.

Finding motivation is hard and somewhat impossible. Motivation comes in waves, and sometimes we just have to ride that wave until it returns again. So, if you do partake in a challenge and still find it hard to get moving, here’s some things that Beingwell Family did to make things a touch easier:

  • Set reminders for the day/time you want to exercise

  • Let a friend (maybe one who’s competing in your challenge) know you’re off to complete your challenge for the day

  • Have a reward waiting for you for when you get back - your favourite series waiting to be watched or a nice warm bubble bath to relax in

  • Find your favourite playlist or podcast to listen to whilst you move


See you on the flip side: And there you have it, the first Movingwell challenge done and dusted! If you have any more questions about the challenges, feel free to send us a message over on our social media channels, and tag us in all your Movingwell selfies and updates, we’d love to see them!




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