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Build your own no equipment, bodyweight workout that can be done anywhere!

Looking for a more exciting way to exercise? Are you wanting to move more but haven’t yet found something you enjoy? We get it - and we know it can make you not want to move altogether. How do we know? Because we’ve all been there. So, we got to thinking. Now, we understand that this won’t work for everyone, and that each individual is different with different preferences and abilities. Instead of giving you a specific exercise routine, we made this ‘build your own bodyweight workout’, so you can choose exercises and movements that you want to do. And so that each part of your body gets moving, whatever your fitness goals are!

How it works

The build your own workout targets both the upper and lower body, and includes different styles of exercise. So, if you’re looking to get fit, improve your cardio, increase your strength or just have fun - there’s something for you here. And that’s our mission here at Beingwell: helping everyone live a little better each day.

Going to the gym isn’t for everyone, nor is cardio, lifting weights - or working out in general! So we get it - if you’re looking at this thinking ‘nope, not for me!’, you’re not the only one, honest. But, why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose - it can be adapted to whatever your fitness level, whatever you’re feeling, and how much you fancy a challenge or just a little bit of movement. And if you hate it, we won’t make you do it again… promise.

This can be done absolutely anywhere: at home, at work, in the park, at the bus stop even! All you need is a bit of space, and that’s it.

Let’s get stuck in

Bodyweight exercises are great because they require no equipment, little space, and they’re a fantastic starting point for beginners. They are really good for building muscle, keeping fit and moving more.

Let’s split it into cardio, upper and lower body to simplify things a bit more.

Cardio (choose 3 or more)


Incline walking

Star jumps


Burpees (take out the jump if you need to)

Cycling or spin

Rowing machine

Mountain climbers

Upper body (choose 2-4)

Push ups (modify by keeping knees on floor)

Plank (forearms or on hands)

Bent-knee triceps dips off the edge of a bench or chair (straighten your legs if they are too easy)

Leg raises (lay on back and legs straight feet towards ceiling, slowly lower feet to floor but don’t put them down - repeat)

Russian twists


Straight-arm circles

Lower body (choose 2-4)


Squat jumps


Glute bridges

Wall sit

Calf raises

Perform each exercise 8-12 times, or for 10-30 seconds if it’s a still exercise, whatever feels best for you and aim for 2-3 sets of each (but you could build up to this if you’re just getting started). Be sure to warm up with some stretches or light cardio, even if it’s a 5 minute walk! And cooling down is just as important to avoid injury and aches the next day - trust us on this one. You could just do some stretching again, a short yoga class or walk it out.

Gentle reminder: Don’t push yourself too hard, just getting in some movement is a huge accomplishment - you should be proud of yourself! Starting is always the hardest part, so be sure to count that as a win too. Warming up and cooling down before and after your workout can help to look after our physical health, and just be sure to do what feels best for you, no one else!




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