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Debunking sleep myths!

What to do the last hour of the evening? Should we watch TV before bed? Are 'larks' and 'owls' real? Is reading in bed a good idea? Does caffeine affect our sleep quality? Do we sleep better at weekends? Can we 'catch-up' on sleep?

Our in house Sleep Geek James has worked with the Royal Society of Public Health on a number of occasions, raising awareness of sleep issues and creating guided learning around sleep. Here, he debunks some popular Sleep Myths:

“We are all different when it comes to sleep, and the essence of sleeping better is to understand the science, apply it to ourselves and then put in place actions that work for us. Sleep myths are damaging because they encourage behaviours that often leave us sleeping worse.” James Wilson

Final thoughts: We can have weird and wacky ideas about what can help us fall asleep and stay asleep. Making sure we're asleep when we're in bed, relaxing and winding down an hour before bed, steering clear of caffeine, alcohol and eating late and having a consistent routine will all help. Don’t believe the sleep myths!




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