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Do weighted blankets work?

Weighted blankets are exactly what they sound like. They have extra heft - usually in the form of glass beads, plastic pellets, or small discs. There's been a huge surge in popularity of late, with claims that the feeling of physical pressure can have a calming effect but is there any truth in that, or is it a load of poppycock?

Weighted blankets are definitely flavour of the month when it comes to the magic trick that can help everyone sleep better! But are they the solution to our sleep problems? Unfortunately, there is no such thing! So you may not be surprised to hear that they will not work for everybody. On that note, how do we work out if it’s right for us? Read on to find out.

If you are the type of person who likes to feel constricted, who maybe pulls a duvet over themselves and creates a ‘cocoon’ to create a sense of safety, then a weighted blanket might be right for you! Its heaviness will mimic the same feeling you get when you tuck yourself up in a duvet, and help you relax by giving that sense of safety and wrapping you up in a big cuddle! This will inevitably help your heart rate drop as you are feeling relaxed, and help you drop off to sleep easily and quickly and hopefully stay asleep for longer.

On the other hand, individuals who untuck their bedding when they go to a hotel, have a very light duvet, or can’t stand the thought of being trapped by their bedding, then of course - a weighted blanket probably isn’t the right choice for you, and won’t help with your sleep. It will probably raise your heart rate and stress levels, and lead to poor sleep.

Sleep well: Like many things with sleep, whether or not a weighted blanket should be added to your cart is completely down to your sleep preference. Think about the environment you like to create when it comes to sleeping and go from there. It will work wonders for some, but be a literal nightmare for others!




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