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Getting back into the swing of things in 2023!

Happy New Year folks! We’re hoping you all enjoyed the festive season, however you spent it, and if you didn’t - you’ll be glad to hear the end of it till next year! We know it’s not an easy time of year, heading back to work, thinking about goals or resolutions, expectations of 2023, all the while still frosty and dark outside. So keep reading to find our top tips for getting back into the swing of things now that 2023 is here.

Many of us see the new year as a new chapter in our lives, or a time to make improvements, setting goals and resolutions, but at the same time many of us are recovering from Christmas, trying to get organised for the new year, and heading back to work - all the while in a rather demotivating month.

January isn’t exactly a tropical month here in the UK, it’s certainly not much brighter than December despite the days getting longer again, and it often feels like a drag, what with the commitments we get back to and the long wait till the next pay day.

Not to mention the general view, and with Blue Monday to back it up, of how dreary January can be.

So perhaps you're hoping for a positive start to the year? Or trying desperately to not let the negative vibes bring you down? Or hoping to glide back into your realities with as few speed bumps as possible?

Well, we’re hoping so too, so we’ve got our top tips on getting back into the swing of things right here for you:

Go slow and steady

It’s not a race to complete January, in fact going slow and steady, with the flow might be the key to it feeling like it will fly by. Although this month is often filled with changes, many of us might actually benefit from sticking to what we know while we get ourselves organised and back to reality, recovering from festivities, socialising, and still processing our new toys.

Try taking it day by day and listening to your needs - what your body needs, your brain needs, what your peace needs. Allow yourself time to readapt to your life and responsibilities - that way when it comes to setting and meeting resolutions you’ll feel more in control and able to make changes!

Take time to plan

While everyone is talking about their resolutions, what they are planning to improve, whether they’ll stick to it or not, rather than going full steam ahead to join in, why not try taking some time to plan.

Whether it’s your resolutions, how you’ll get them and when you’ll make a start, or your monthly budget so the long wait till payday doesn’t feel as tight, or the weeknight dinners and lunch box prep so it’s one less thing to think about in the moment, take some time to plan your Jan.

Or you might even plan some fun into your month, days out on the weekends, a date night, or maybe even your summer holiday while the deals are cheap! It’ll help keep you moving through the month, even if what you're looking forward to ends up being 6 months away.

Consider your goals and resolutions

With resolution talk ramping up, you may be feeling under pressure to create your own goals, or copy others, or even start something new because your mum keeps telling you to. Whether it’s eating healthier, joining the gym, trying to meditate more often, or even saving money, consider what your goals are and how you will make them - if any at all (we don’t need to set resolutions if it’s not for us!).

Rather than rushing into making changes, or starting something new because it’s now the 4th of January and you're behind, it's absolutely fine and possibly really helpful to take a bit of time to really consider your goals.

For extra support you can check out this month's webinar, which is of course all about effective goal setting and resolutions.

Find something to bring you joy

While the month can be dreary, our diary’s don’t have to be. Even just a slice of joy midday, post work or once the kids are in bed, can keep us feeling more positive throughout the month. And they don’t have to be massive either. Treating yourself to an overpriced coffee on the way to work at the beginning of the week, finding the softest, cosiest blank to wrap up in after work in an evening, finding new delicious recipes that leave you feeling satisfied and dreaming of more, or perhaps it’s starting that new book and soaking up the story while the rains taps away on the window.

It’s not going to make the whole seem brilliant, or even most of it, but it will give you and your mind a break from the not-so-joyful side, something to look forward to through the tough bits, and some relief amongst it all.

Keep connected

Despite possibly feeling peopled-out after the festive season, don’t forget to connect through January. Whether it’s a whinge over the phone to your best pal, meeting up with your mum for a drizzly walk, or checking in with friends, family and colleagues with a text or FaceTime, keep connected.

As humans we are social creatures who feel comforted by connection, and it can even help us boost the happy hormone oxytocin that helps us feel safe and secure. So make time to connect with those satisfying relationships and enjoy being able to relax with them, rather than partying through the night.

We know January can be a tricky month to muddle through, so be kind to yourself. Whether you’re raring to go or dragging yourselves back to reality, don’t beat yourself up for falling off the resolution path or not bothering at all. Go at your own pace, find small moments of joy, and give yourself time to recharge between busy weeks and tight budgets.

Happy New Year: Don’t forget to check out this month’s webinar! A series of short videos all about goal setting, figuring out your personal goals, effective methods to ensure you can stick to them, an exploration of motivation, and how to stick to them long-term. It’s a juicy one, so keep your eyes peeled.




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