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Introducing Daniel, the Naked Nutritionist

If we weren't excited enough to be partnering with Jenny, the Lunchbox Doctor, we now have TWO astonishingly brilliant nutritionists in our Beingwell family.

Welcome Daniel O'Shaughnessy, the Naked Nutritionist!

Daniel is an award-winning BANT registered nutritionist and author, who just so happens to be a certified functional medicine practitioner (that's super rare in the UK), and Dad to the most adorable Dachshund sausage dog!

FYI, Daniel isn't naked in his intro vid (sorry to disappoint):

"Daniel is an expert in his field. As a fellow nutritional therapist, I have benefited from the many informative and useful webinars he creates and shares widely to everyone in his field. His experience shines through and the work he does with the Ikigai Group is invaluable. I would 100% recommend him." B.J.E

A note from Beingwell: If your organisation would like Daniel to deliver a workshop, or want to find out more about the many ways he can help your employees to eat better, pop us an email




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