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Managing the mayhem of March!

We had high hopes for 2021 and the return to normality, but what we’ve had so far is rain, troubling headlines and what we can only describe as a little mayhem, especially within the last month - and we know March isn’t even over yet!

After March last year, bringing news of the pandemic worsening and the start of a year of lockdowns, we might be left wondering who is blinkin’ responsible for inviting the cursed month back this year!

So we spoke to Life Coach, Grace McMahon, about how to cope with the last bits of the mischievous month of March to help us get a grip on coping as we approach the easing of restrictions.

Is there anything scientific about March being a pain to get through?

“It depends just how suspicious we are really, some might argue that March is a month of bad luck. This idea actually comes from the ‘Ides of March’ which has a history of bad luck, originally starting all the way back to Julius Caesar. Shakespeare went on to cement this for us, writing a play about the whole debacle laying importance on the line “beware of the ides of March” because on the 15th of March 44BC Julius Caesar was murdered. Since then a string of unfortunate events have occurred within the month which has continued the superstitious ruse - but whether we believe this or not, bad luck is not solely linked to March.”

So the month is what we make it, but after this year we’re not feeling so grateful for its return. Is that normal?

“Although March sparks the beginning of spring, lighter mornings and evenings, brighter sunshine (around what feels like constant rain), and the hope of new beginnings on the horizon, we might be struggling to find joy right now. Considering the mental load of the last year, and the pressures that have continued into this one, it’s totally normal to not be feeling full of new life! Take it easy, and maybe have a wishful-word with whoever runs the weather - could we have a little less rain and a bit more warmth in the air now please!”

The restrictions are making it quite tricky to manage the onslaught that life is throwing at us right now, so what can we do?

“In an ideal world, resorting to our coping mechanisms might help see us through, but while many of these are off-limits right now, we might be left feeling a little lost. So I recommend the distraction method. Whether it’s keeping the mind busy with an at-home-hobby, like painting, DIY or knitting, or channelling the emotions into something we do, an angry dash through the park to relieve some tension, having a steaming hot bath with a few drops of lavender oil for relaxation, or perfecting that banana bread recipe for the millionth time. Maybe we could start the spring clean early - tidy space, tidy mind, but if that effort is far too much right now, stick to something we do enjoy.”

“It’s also super important to note, that we don’t have to be alright at the moment, we can wobble and sway through the monotonous days and all-too-short evenings right now. So if we find ourselves halfway through the biscuit tin one evening, or get unreasonably cross at the list of household jobs mounting, or we’re overwhelmed by the heavy news updates - let’s give ourselves a break. I like to think of these breaks as a ‘cheat moment’ for the mind, as with clean eating we all long for some sugary goodness from time to time, our minds also long for a day of lazy lounging, so take a break and get back on the horse tomorrow - or the next day!”


And remember: With restriction-easing in sight, lighter evenings and the prospect of a pint in the beer garden, there is good news amongst all the troubles. For those superstitious members of the family, we recommend keeping the mind busy to avoid dwelling on the bad stuff, but remember - all months have their bad moments, and we’ve got through so much already, which will help remind us that we can keep going!

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