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Welcome to Kip Advisor

Kip Advisor was created to help us all sleep better through a better understanding of our sleep and simple, effective tools that lead to better sleep.


There are videos and blogs that offer useful insight and practical tips on getting good sleep; if and when you think you need it you can sort your sleep with a guided pathway and bespoke sleep plan to give you better sleep.


More to explore, top advice, bite sized videos videos and guided support to help you understand your sleep better.

Sleep Blogs

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Tips, hints and articles to help you sleep better

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Sleep Videos

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Explore sleep Webinars and short episodes that offer tools and solutions to improve your sleep.

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Sort your Sleep

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Start your journey to understand who you are as a sleeper and get your personalised sleep support programme

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Live Events

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Engage with our experts creating time to talk. Go further than traditional workplace wellbeing incentives while keeping the tried and tested successes.

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Meet the expert behind Sleepingwell

James Wilson, known as The Sleep Geek, is not only our lead expert behind Sleepingwell but also a co-founder at Beingwell. Alongside other renowned sleep experts, James and the team have pulled together a range of solutions in the Beingwell platform that are designed to help everyone sleep better. Something James is passionate about given his own struggles with sleep in the past.

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James Wilson

Sleep behavioural expert

James, also known as The Sleep Geek, worked with other renowned and trusted sleep experts to pull together a range of solutions in the Beingwell platform that are designed to help everyone sleep better. No pills, no meditations, just simple and effective advice to help you maximise those zzzz’s.


Supporting more than just you

We know that sleeping better is easier to achieve when we’re supported by those around us. That’s why all of our Beingwell members can share their Beingwell membership with friends and family.

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More about Beingwell

Learn more about the many ways we can help your organisations wellbeing

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Building stronger resilience, to help your employees manage stress and perform better.

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Bring your people together and boost mood through 26 minutes of movement everyone can do.

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Food does more than just fuel us, it can also affect our mood and ability to think clearly.

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Improve mental health in the workplace through awareness, education and support.