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Be conscious what you feed your brain

Cognition is the part of our mind which enables us to manage our behaviour and emotions when responding to a mentally challenging task.

Our brain health tools help you to understand how well your brain is working by measuring, monitoring and boosting the areas of brain health and performance, collectively known as ‘cognition’.


Thinkingwell doesn’t use buzzwords; just proven research to help boost your mental performance.

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Measure and monitor

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Using our cognition tool, you’ll complete a series of short tests that tell us how you’re doing in each cognitive area. This will give us a baseline from which to progress. We’ll gain a deeper understanding of our brain power across five key domains to help us focus on day-to-day challenges at both home and work.

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Build resilience


Improving wellbeing results boosts our immunity making us more able to fend off those bugs and minor ailments that can make us feel under the weather. Mental health is also impacted by what we think, what we eat and how we move our bodies, no one part stands alone. Beingwell is the tools you need to improve your wellbeing so you can enjoy a healthier, happier life everyday.

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Improve and strengthen

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Through our cognitive development tool Aquasnap, you’ll improve each domain with a personalised active mindfulness workout. This is synched with our cognition results so that you focus specifically on the areas in which we have the most opportunity for improvement.

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Mental health in the workplace

In the UK in 2019 54% of all work absences were stress, depression or anxiety related.

While work may not always be the cause with financial and relationship stress also playing a part, mental health has been pushed to the forefront of personal wellbeing.

Thinkingwell gives you the tools to strengthen mental resilience, boost productivity and manage stress levels. 

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Meet the experts behind Thinkingwell

With so many mental health products out there how do you know which one to trust? Which is the best? At Beingwell we know our tools are only as good as the experts behind them which is why we searched long and hard for the right experts to work with and we’re delighted to introduce them to you…

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Martina Ratto

Lead cognitive scientist

Martina’s work revolves around supporting people and organisations to reach their full potential. Thanks to her multidisciplinary background, which brings together philosophy, psychology, AI, linguistics, anthropology and neuroscience, she always combines a rigorous, evidence-based, scientific approach to the understanding of the minds function.


Supporting more than just you

We know that improving mental health is easier to achieve when we’re supported by those around us. That’s why all of our Beingwell members can share their Beingwell membership with friends and family.

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More about Beingwell

Learn more about the many ways we can help your wellbeing

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Bring your people together and boost mood through 26 minutes of movement everyone can do.

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Poor sleep means lost revenue. We help your workforce to get a better night’s sleep.

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Food does more than just fuel us, it can also affect our mood and ability to think clearly.

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Improve mental health in the workplace through awareness, education and support.

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