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12 ways of managing the festive season

We’re approaching that time of year again folks! IT’S CHRISTMASSSS. Some of us might be leaping for joy, ready to sprinkle fake snow, glitter and lights all over the place. We might be ready to reunite with family and friends for the festivities. And for many of us, it’s a stressful time despite the joy, there's lots to do, think about, and organise - not to mention the ever filling calendar of festive celebrations might already be beginning to overflow.

Don’t worry, we’ve got our Beingwell Family tips for you. What we do, what works for us, our words of wisdom that you can snaffle for you and your family to help you manage this Christmas.

12 ways of managing - a remix

Unfortunately, no one provided five gold rings or even any partridges in a pear tree here, but luckily they had some good advice and support to get you through. So, without further ado, what are we getting for the first way of coping?

The 1st way of managing, Laura sent to us, on managing financial stress...

As our finance manager, she knows her stuff! “Start planning early and make a budget (and stick to it) or plan to do things with friends rather than doing presents or the list adds up very quickly.”

The 2nd way of managing, Bernard reminded us, in the lead up to Christmas to…

“Pace yourself, take time to rest while looking forward to Christmas. Plan for the best but if plans go awry, stay calm and trust all will work itself out.”

The 3rd way of managing, the Sleep Geek (like Santa) came for the kids on Christmas eve...

“Accept that it might be difficult, try to relax a little on sleep times and wake up times. If they don’t go to bed on time or fall asleep well, let them off. It's Christmas after all.”

The 4th way of managing, Martina said to us, to rest and recuperate...

“This can be a good time to recharge your batteries, relax, and have a full night of sleep. But, try to avoid laying in bed for long hours during the day: this can disrupt your sleep at night.”

The 5th way of managing, Eddie gave to you, on managing a household full of guests…

Give everyone a role, share the tasks so the pressures evenly spread, so it’s not left to a couple of people.”

The 6th way of managing, James wanted us to know when we’ve got a full house to entertain...

“Don't do it!” He was just kidding, “but try not to lose yourself in delivering an amazing Christmas to everyone else, it’s your time too.”

The 7th way of managing, Diego gave to us, on missing friends and family at this time of year...

“Make sure to put some time aside to call them the day before at least! And never underestimate the power of a postcard, receiving love letters from your friends really hits home at the coldest time of year!”

For the 8th way of managing, Sam provided for coping with how busy it can get

“Any plan-a-holicit's can easily get overwhelmed with the busyness of December. Purposefully plan relaxation and down-time into the calendar.”

The 9th way of managing, Natalie reminded us, about the expectation to be positive and happy

“Avoid Instagram or social media - it's just one day! There are so many days in the year you're going to feel loved, happy and content so if you don't happen to feel that way at Christmas, try not to judge yourself for it."

"Instead, treat yourself with compassion - hello bubble baths & eating the advent calendar all in one day.”

The 10th way of managing, Eddie gave some wise advice

“Other people are in the same place and feel the same pressure. Remember, it’s not a competition.”

The 11th way of managing, Martina brought for you

“We may all have reasons why we love or hate celebrating Christmas, no need to give explanations to others: just respect each other, as we would do at any other time of the year.”

The 12th way of managing is a gift from me (Grace) to you

“Remember that after the last two years, and the difficulty of Christmas 2020, we don’t need to strive for the perfect Christmas. Accept that stress, bad moods, low moments, and lulls of energy will happen - as they do throughout the rest of the year.

Kids will get grumpy, parents will annoy you, the dog might go for the pigs in blankets - you know the rest. It’s not always going to be bright and jolly, and that’s totally fine whether it’s Christmas or not!”


Warm wishes from all of us: here at Beingwell we understand there is joy and difficulty at this time of year. We wish you the best for the festive season and hope you enjoy it in whatever way your family celebrates! Merry Christmas folks!




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