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How does our brain actually think?

We’ve all got one, a lump of grey squidgy matter, housed in our heads. But how, exactly, does our brilliant brain think? One of the things that is utterly surprising is how we think our brains work and how they actually do.

Martina Ratto, Beingwell’s resident expert in cognition (aka brainpower), shares some interesting insights:

“Imagine inside our heads there is a supercomputer coordinating everything in our bodies and our minds. Think of the brain as hardware and the mind as software.” Martina Ratto, Cognitive Scientist

In summary: Now we know all about the brain, our specialised areas, and how we have 80 to 100 billion neurons (gosh!), find out more about looking after and maximising your brainpower by unlocking MyCognition here. Enjoy!




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