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Should my partner and I use separate duvets?

One of the great mysteries of how we sleep is the way we often seem wedded to sharing a duvet with our partner. Particularly during those more neutral months in terms of temperature, we’ve all been through the duvet war, haven’t we? Where one person wants the duvet on, one doesn’t. Maybe we’re absolutely sweating whilst our partner’s teeth are chattering away next to us. What should we do in this situation? Should we be using separate duvets? We’re about to find out with the help of our digital sleep tool Kip Advisor.

We’ve seen a bit of a trend cropping up about ‘dual duvets’. And like we were, you might be wondering what the heck that is! Well, it's a type of duvet of course, in which one side of the duvet is a higher tog number, whilst the other half is a lower tog. Supposedly, this is the solution to our hot sleeper, cold sleeper duvet war. However, we’re not so convinced.

We reckon we’re probably better off having separate duvets - there, we said it.

This is because it allows both people to have a duvet (or sheet if that’s what you prefer) that suits their sleep preference. Also, it means that our partner’s body heat isn’t rudely invading our sleep environment - we all know that struggle in the summer!

Before you go: We are not recommending that everyone goes out and buys a separate duvet from their partner. This is just an idea that we think might be able to tackle a common problem, and might offer a solution to those who this idea appeals to. If you and your partner have similar temperature preferences, you probably find sharing a duvet works well for you. Remember, sleep is not a one-size-fits-all thing - we’re all individuals and need to find out what works for us, and that’s what we’re here to help you do.




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