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What's a life coach and do I need one?

Life can be challenging and finding purpose within it can be even harder. Setting goals, and reaching them, deciding what to do in life or where to take the next step, and recognising how smashing we are and how to use our resources is exactly how life coaching can spur us on to the next level!

If we’re wanting to change our careers, take the next steps in life and enter new chapters, or figure out what on earth we want from our lives, life coaching can help us get these answers. We might have far-fetching dreams with no clue how to achieve them, or we might have had enough of how we’re currently living and want a change. Life coaching is a process of positive forward-transformation, like a caterpillar to a butterfly!

Grace McMahon, Beingwell's Chief Life Coach, tells us more:

"Life coaching is one of the many types of talking therapy available, but with a twist. Coaching aims to help us recognise and meet our potential, fulfil ambitions and live life to the best of our abilities!”

Final thoughts: If we’re interested in seeking a life coach (or any kind) there are a few places to look. Firstly, ask around friends, family and colleagues, like we might for a recommendation for a local plumber or good restaurant. Secondly, local searches, online or in general directories like to find a life coach nearby or online. Finally, look up a coaching directory, especially if looking for specialists in the coaching domain like career, financial or fitness coaches.

It might take some time, and it’s important to find someone we gel with to get effective results from coaching, so let's be patient and always seek other coaches to find the right one for us.




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